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Check out what students have to say about Ballroom Fort Collins.

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My fiancé and I have been taking lessons from Steve and Mary for about one year and have loved our experience! Both Steve and Mary have been great teachers. We started taking lessons having had no dance experience and have been able to learn the Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, and Rumba.

We are excited to show off our dance skills at our wedding and out on the town!

      -- Katie Hall & Chris Wrensch



Steve and Mary are outstanding dance instructors!

We have been Steve's students for several years. When we started to write this and reflect on our experience, we were amazed at how far we have come.

Steve's expertise and many years of experience have made this possible. We had no ballroom dance experience when we started lessons, just an appreciation of music. We could barely find the beat, but now are learning how to interpret music through dance. We are not just learning dance steps, but also about dance music and style.

While we still have a lot to learn, we are confident dancing in public settings from cruises to our community dance club. Only a short time after starting lessons, it was very rewarding during a cruise for some fellow passengers to remark on how well we danced. Steve's skill as an instructor was already showing.

Ballroom dancing certainly has taken us beyond our comfort zones and it has been a great way to keep us mentally sharp and physically active through our lessons, practice, and public dances. Our lessons have become a highlight of our week! Steve creates a fun learning environment with his infinite patience and upbeat attitude. We are looking forward to working with him for years to come.

Learning to dance at Ballroom Fort Collins has been a wonderful experience for us and it can be for you too.

      -- Jim and Kathleen Branch



I had been interested in dance for awhile, but I didn't have a clue whatsoever on how to start. How to move and how to hear the music was a complete mystery. Taking lessons with Mary and Steve has been great. They are wonderful teachers that create a fun, low stress environment that lets you build your skills and confidence. I take weekly lessons now and it's one of my favorite parts of the week.

      -- Brad Luther



A year and a half ago my girlfriend, now fiancée, bought us lessons from Ballroom Fort Collins for my birthday. I always wanted to learn how to dance after growing up watching movies like The Sound of Music and listening to musicians like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. After many fun hours with my fiancée learning to dance from Steve and Mary, I feel more confident than ever in applying our skills to all sorts of situations, from spontaneous dancing in the park to our first dance at our wedding. Instead of learning a set of rote dance routines that constrict us in space and style, Steve and Mary are constantly challenging us to adapt to whatever situation we might find ourselves in on the dance floor Come our wedding, I feel more than prepared to deftly weave ourselves through the dance floor, gracefully dodging walls, other couples, and those pesky aunts that just won't leave us alone.

      -- Jonathan Steiner



Steve and Mary are wonderful instructors. My partner and I came in with no experience but have made great strides under their tutelage. Their passion for dance and teaching students is obvious! They are very kind, patient, accommodating, and fun instructors. I highly recommend taking lessons with Ballroom Fort Collins.

      -- Megan Rosser



We have taken private dance lessons with Ballroom Fort Collins for the past two years. Steve and Mary are excellent dance coaches. Margaret and I truly appreciate their level of knowledge and skills as teachers. They are both able to coach us through our technical and style flaws with a cheerful energetic manner. We have enjoyed learning a variety of Smooth, Latin, and Swing dances.

      -- David and Margaret Bohn



Over a year ago, my wife and I decided to take up dancing as a nice way to challenge the brain and do something we weren’t good at—very important for adults, especially when you have a few things you’re good at and might otherwise get complacent. Wow, what a great idea that turned out to be!

Even if you are really, really good at dancing (not me!), there is something Steve or Mary (we’ve basically split time between the two of them) will notice and be able to quickly and courteously improve. Foxtrot, several versions of swing, rumba, waltz, and cha cha so far…and each week a new focus that results in more confidence, better posture, and better intuition with your partner. It helps your mind, body, and relationship, the trifecta of triumph.

We’re nowhere near done in this journey, but why would we want to be? Dancing, like singing and humor, is a fundamental part of really being human. It’s easy to forget this in a world filled with more and more distractions. Get off the couch, get out of your comfort zone, put down that strabismus-inducing iPad, and get out to Ballroom Fort Collins!

      -- Steve Simske



We began dancing in Florida, but a job transfer led us to Fort Collins and to Mary and Steve. We have been taking dance lessons from Ballroom Fort Collins for a year and half now. The difference between a nationwide studio in Florida and the intimate environment at Ballroom Fort Collins is uncomparable. Mary and Steve make dancing enjoyable, while teaching you to be a better dancer. They explain the how and why of good movement to elevate your skills. We have found that anyone can learn to move through dance patterns, as we did in Florida - or, you can learn to dance, work together and move as one.

Mary and Steve have laid a strong foundation for our dancing. We move better, stronger and more rhythmically than ever before. We have enjoyed getting off the couch, working together, laughing together and dancing together. We now dance in social situations with confidence.

Taking dance lessons from Ballroom Fort Collins makes us better dancers and makes us a better couple. Thank you Mary and Steve!

      -- Marie & David Claar



Several years ago our son announced he was getting married and that there would be big band dancing at the wedding reception. My husband and I both realized that neither of us could dance. So you guessed it ....we came to Ballroom Fort Collins and started dance lessons. Never did I imagine that we would love learning to dance so much that we would continue with it after the wedding.

My husband and I truly enjoy the time we spend together on our "date night" of dancing. We have been blessed with amazing teachers in Steve and Mary. Words can never describe how patient they are with us and believe it or not, despite our sometimes hysterical dancing they have never fallen on the floor in laughter. My husband loves that I have to stop working at my busy job, come with him to the lesson and follow as he leads me about the dance floor. I love dancing with him, and this special time we have together. It has not only brought us closer together but it has given us a passion and skill that we continue to improve, one that will last a lifetime.

My only regret is that we did not start sooner. So ... if we can learn to dance, I promise you can too. They are amazing teachers!

      -- Trish Lipinski



We've been taking lessons from Ballroom Fort Collins for over a year. We initially started taking lessons to get ready for a cruise. After we returned, we continued because we enjoyed the lessons so much and wanted to become even more proficient. Steve is always very patient and keeps the lessons fun.

      -- Doug & Julie Den Herder



My wife and I started taking ballroom dance lessons with Steve and Mary to prepare for our son's wedding. Dancing is a lot of fun, and we have continued with our lessons. I only wish we had started earlier!

Steve and Mary are excellent and patient instructors. They know what they are doing and how to teach it. We are now so confident with the skills we have attained that we look for dances to attend and have found many in the Northern Colorado area. It makes for a great night out!

      -- W. Munsell



My husband and I have been taking Ballroom dance lessons with Steve once a week for over a year now and we love it! Steve has taught us the basics as my husband had never danced before and now he's becoming a good dancer and leader. Steve is fun and patient, we always look forward to learning a new technique or a new step and then we practice in our studio during the week! We highly recommend both Steve and Mary if you want to learn to dance well.

      -- Silvia and Tom Heil



Taking ballroom dance lessons with Steve and Mary Lehti has been one of the best things we've ever done. My husband and I enjoy spending time with each other learning new steps and laughing a lot. It's the highlight of our week. It has enhanced our dancing and our marriage.

We have taken group dance lessons before but we never got much out of them. With Steve and Mary we have really advanced our dancing proficiency and our enjoyment of social dance. It's a blast! We believe that ballroom dance classes with Ballroom Fort Collins is better than couple's therapy!

      -- Brian and Jo Dee Robertson



We have been enjoying our weekly lessons at Ballroom Fort Collins for over a year. Steve and Mary are fantastic instructors. They are both skilled dancers with a passion for teaching at all levels, from basic steps to more advanced techniques. They are friendly and welcoming to new students, and their studio provides a comfortable and relaxed environment to practice dancing. They also invite their students to monthly dances in the community, which provides a great opportunity to gain confidence and experience while dancing to a live band. We are really learning how to ballroom dance! In fact, Steve and Mary have helped us rekindle a love for dancing, and we plan to continue taking lessons for years to come.

      -- Kevin and Lisa Crooks, Fort Collins, CO



My fiance and I took the beginning class to prepare for our wedding. Although it was only four lessons, it was extremely helpful. Steve is a fabulous teacher and the lessons were really fun. We were able to put in enough practice before our wedding to do a lovely fox trot for our special dance. My Aunt and Uncle, who are ballroom dancers, even told me that we looked professional! I was very happy with Ballroom Fort Collins and can't wait to take more lessons from them.

      -- Anonymous Google Reviewer



More! Teach me more! That is how I feel after each of my lessons with the Lehtis of Ballroom Fort Collins. Steve and Mary are encouraging, patient and inspiring teachers of dance. I have taken both private and group lessons and thoroughly enjoy both. I am frequently heard to say, "4 more days 'til a dance lesson!" "3 more days 'til a dance lesson!" Even when I'm working hard to master a step or an element of dance, I enjoy the effort because transmitting a genuine love of their craft to their students comes naturally to the Lehtis. I can hardly wait for the next opportunity to dance! Attending social dances has become a delightful experience. As a result of my lessons at Ballroom Fort Collins, I have overcome the initial belief that so many of us share: Me? Dance? I can't. I can! I do!

      -- Nancy Lindemood, Fort Collins, CO



I have been taking lessons from Ballroom Fort Collins for nearly six years now. I took some lessons from a selection of other instructors over the years. The reason Ballroom Fort Collins is worth the hour and a half drive I currently make each way for my lessons is that they have the professionalism to tailor their teaching to the goals of their students and the expertise to ensure you are learning how to dance skillfully. With each and every lesson I become a more confident and capable dancer. Whether your goal is social dancing, competitive, or some hybrid; Ballroom Fort Collins can teach you to be the kind of dancer others will admire.

      -- Mark Van Noy, Erie, CO



As long-term students of Steve and Mary, we can tell you that they are always professional, always enthusiastic, have the patience of saints, and have helped us immensely to become sound ballroom dancers, which is confirmed over and over again by the many compliments that we receive.

       Our hearfelt thanks,
       Red and Bonnie Busse
       Goodtimes Dance Club




I've been taking dance lessons at Ballroom Fort Collins for several years and have thoroughly enjoyed the dance experience and training they provide. Before taking dance lessons, I would not have dreamed of going out on the dance floor, but now I look forward to almost every dance event in town. I've learned all of the popular dances including Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Tango, and many others. The instructors at Ballroom Fort Collins are true professionals, who teach beginners to advanced students with the same level of enthusiasm and care. Beware, however, that dance is addictive, so once you start, you will not want to stop! If you're thinking about taking dance lessons, Ballroom Fort Collins is the best studio in town.

      -- Richard Casey, Fort Collins, CO


I have been dancing most of my life, but I never realized that "structured" dancing would be so fun. Steve and Mary have such patience to allow you to advance at your own pace. We have been taking lessons for a little over a year now and if there were no public dances to go to, I would continue our lessons just for the time and joy spent with my wife. Every penny spent is worth hundreds in rewards. I love the instructors and the people we've met along the way.

      -- Ron Dull, Fort Collins, CO


We had talked about taking dance classes for years. We found Ballroom Fort Collins and are so glad we made the commitment! Steve & Mary are great instructors, and they are patient and fun. Learning to dance has taken the communication effort between us to a higher level. It's great to know we can be challenged with something new after so many years together, and dancing has done that!

      -- Jo Anderson, Fort Collins, CO


Okay, so my wife tells the instructor on our first encounter, “My husband has no rhythm and can’t keep a beat.” Our instructor calmly responds that I do have rhythm and he will help me find the beat. So began our journey at Ballroom Fort Collins and yes, I felt awkward, clumsy, frustrated and self-conscious, but after only several lessons I fell in love with ballroom dancing, even though what I was doing at the time might not be referred to as dancing. I mean really, I initially moved more like a water buffalo than Fred Astaire. Truthfully, the instructors at Ballroom Fort Collins are patient, talented and can teach dancing to anyone with a desire to learn. I have taken lessons at Ballroom Fort Collins for over a year and now feel comfortable on a dance floor, whether it is Rumba, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot or Swing. I got so jazzed about dancing I found myself buying dance shoes and spending time online buying Rumba and Swing CDs. I also learned that you should really give your lessons at least three months to truly get a feel for ballroom dancing--honestly, the longer you go the more fun you have.

      -- David C. Bridge, Fort Collins, CO


My wife and I have been taking lessons at Ballroom Fort Collins for about a year, and we enjoy the time together very much. Steve and Mary are great! They are very friendly and easy going, and provide a casual, fun atmosphere for lessons. The dance hall they use at the Masonic Temple is great for lessons and practice, and is easy to find right downtown across from the county offices. Steve and Mary are dedicated to dance, and have a wealth of experience, both as professional teachers and dancers. They are very patient and encouraging, and use a variety of techniques to help you learn and remember. We haven't yet mastered the bronze syllabus, but we're getting close. Now we can go out dancing and feel confident and comfortable that we can recognize the music and feel comfortable dancing the Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba and Cha Cha. It's a lot of fun, good exercise, helps with coordination and concentration, and is a great together activity to do with your spouse or SO.

      -- Eric Busch and Jenise May, Fort Collins, CO


Two years ago my husband and I went on a cruise, and my husband didn't want to dance because he felt he would look ridiculous next to some of the more accomplished dancers. He said if I signed us up for lessons, then he would dance on our next cruise. A friend recommended Ballroom Fort Collins and a whole new world opened up to us. We had no idea what to expect but soon found that Steve and Mary are accomplished and fun instructors. Learning to dance goes well beyond learning the steps. We are challenged to improve our posture, stay in shape, perfect our form, and work as a team. The private lessons provide time to have the instruction focused on our needs. The workshops allow us to interact with others, fellowship, and learn new steps. Recently we attended a dance and several other couples from Ballroom Fort Collins were there. We danced, laughed, and made new friends. We look forward to more classes, workshops, private lessons, and dances.

      -- Sue Reynolds, Red Feather, CO



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