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Wedding Lessons

Over the years Ballroom Fort Collins has helped hundreds of couples prepare for that all-important first dance. We've also helped parents and other members of the wedding party prepare to trip the light fantastic!

Whatever your situation, whatever your time frame, we will get you there!

Ballroom Fort Collins provides two ways to prepare:

Please review our policies and other important information.


How early should we start taking lessons to be ready for our wedding?

This depends on your ambition, your schedule, and your budget. Dance lessons can get lost in the mix of preparing for a wedding, and are frequently left to the last minute. If you start just a couple weeks before your wedding, you can expect that dancing will feel very mechanical (just as if you had only a few lessons in martial arts or a foreign language).

No one has ever regretted starting earlier, because you get past your mechanical stage and learn a greater variety of material, and gain a skill that you can use at future events, like the weddings of friends and family! In fact, if you start earlier, you can relax and just concentrate on learning to dance, and then focus on your wedding dance as you get closer to that special date.

How long will it take to become good at out wedding dance? This depends on a number of factors.

  1. How fast you and your partner learn.
  2. Your definition of "good," which may change as you learn more about what social dancing involves.

During the first lesson couples are normally introduced to 1-2 dances, and 1-2 patterns in those dances. Most find executing these dance steps to feel very mechanical at first, because the material is new to them. Reaching a comfort level comes with repetition and additional lessons. That comfort level varies by the person.

What kind of song should we pick for our wedding dance?

Most couples select a song that has special significance for them. When deciding on a song for your dance, it is important to look for one with a prominent, easy-to-count beat, as this is helpful in staying on time to the music. On your first lesson, you are welcome to bring your song along to play for your instructor, who will give you ideas as to the best type of dance for that song.

Can we do a choreographed routine for our wedding dance?

Choreography (meaning pre-planned dance moves from beginning to end of your song)is much more time-intensive in terms of preparation. Most couples find it sufficient to learn to lead and follow through the various dance patterns they learn. The number of dance patterns you will have in your repertoire depends on how many lessons you take, how early you start, and your rate of learning.

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